July 29-August 2, 2013

We The People Theatrical Arts Initiative, Inc in Gainesville, Florida

Professors and  students stayed in Casa Micanopy for a week. A performance camp with 15 students spent a week rehearsing and attending classes in movement and voice . The age range of students was between 9 and 13.

They had multiple activities including  yoga,meditation, capoeira, dance, swimming and of course rehearsing and learning. The last day, they performed  a Shakespearian  play,  read their  own poetry, and acted short plays that they wrote and choreographed themselves. The presentation was outdoors on the grounds of  Casa Micanopy.  We were all amazed by how much they achieved in such a short time. It was an outstanding performance.

Here they are in Casa Micanopy:



“Casa Micanopy is a calming amazing space. Our students thrived there. On the behalf of the staff and students of We the People Theater , thank you.”
-Tudor, teacher


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